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Aug. 11th, 2011


This journal isn't used anymore

As you can probably tell, this journal isn't used anymore.
You can try my site instead, where my blog is.
Does anyone read this anymore?

Aug. 29th, 2008


What a summer.

August has been an... interesting month, not counting the humidity.

It started off with my ear infection (which actually started some time during the second-to-last week of July), which gradually got better and finally went away. It also had coupled itself with an eye infection which I had to deal with an eye infection which I had to deal with at the same time.
However, it ended perhaps a few days before I was scheduled to go off on a canoeing-camping trip (more on that later), and hardly had the time to recover, nevermind time to do exercises to be in shape.
It doesn't end there; during this time I'd noticed some tiny insects - feel free to make your guess, but I've stumped everyone so far - around my apartment. I originally didn't think they were a big deal, but I eventually noticed that regardless of what I did, they stuck around.
I'd done a last ditch effort at the last minute before the camping trip, and even that hadn't done much. And when I came back... I realised that they'd originated from my mother's house. They were on every floor; they'd gone unnoticed because these insects (or mites, or pseudo-lice, or whatever they are) are light-shy, activity-shy and seem to only eat... ...well, I'm not sure what.
The day I realised this I informed my mother about it, but she wasn't terribly worried, especially when I mentioned that I believed they were book lice, and that one source said that one of the things they feed on is mould. *sigh* Mentioning that one of the ones in the basement was a tad larger than I'd seen so far had no effect.
I wasn't convinced these bugs were benign due to their quantity; My argument was that it is rare to see, for example, large amounts of spiders in a human living area and there was a fair quantity of these bugs around. At this point you're likely wondering why I didn't contact exterminators or even the land-lord; I'm not sure. Part of it was procrastination, part of it was that I didn't even know what kind of bug it was, and part of it was that I thought I could get rid of them myself.
Oddly enough, I seem to have done just that; I do not see them in my apartment anywhere anymore, so one or more of cleaning, vacuuming, powder insecticide, and compressed "air" did the trick in getting rid of them. I'm thinking that it was a combination of the last two, because a day after using the compressed "air" they were all over, a fair bit bolder than they'd been before... ...and then the next day, they seemed to have altogether vanished save one or two.
I have yet to scour the apartment for them, however, to make sure they simply haven't just located another source of food (something I could not doubt considering my roommates (several reasons)), but I will do this soon as I'd like to capture at least one and bring it somewhere for identification (Any suggestions? The apartment's office staff will not recognise them, I'm sure, given my past... experience with them.).
As for what I suspect them to be, I believe they are book lice (in which "lice" appears to be a misnomer).

Update: Actually, they're still around. Guess they were napping.

Apr. 30th, 2008

aggressive, glare, angry, upset, grudge

This is why the furry fandom gets laughed at...

Okay people, repeat after me:

I will not use only a single solution to keep my data safe,
I will not believe that RAID makes my data safe,
I will believe that RAID makes my data reliable,
And I will always, always perform regular back-ups of crucial data.

That is all.

Actually, one more thing. If that's half, then we're pretty darn small, aren't we? ;P

Mar. 29th, 2008

amused, cute, playful, silly, happy


While exploring Jamendo for some more good music, I landed upon this gem: The 4 Elements.

I don't know how to describe it. Just have a listen to it yourself, and decide whether or not to download a copy.

(Sidenote: I think OBE here refers to Out of Body Experience.)


Mar. 16th, 2008

pondering, meditation

A whole lotta notta

So, as a few of you know already, I've moved out. In fact, I moved out on the 1st of Feb, so I've been here since a month and a half. We've got most things set up, but I've still got a few boxes to unpack mostly due to not having anywhere to place this stuff.

Though some of it is due to not having put up the shelving units I've gotten from my brother.

So, things have been set up, moved in and so forth; The apartment is, while expensive, very nice and spacious (we've got TWO bathrooms) and has some niceties to it that I'm sure will come in handy (like a pool and an exercise room). We've got the pre-paid billing and electricity billing set up, yaddi yaddi yadda... the only negative thing so far is that the windows need replacing since they leak air and get condensation all over them - but we're not too worried about that, since we've never had to use the electric heating so far ^_~

I've gotten my laptop replaced; Eurocom finally decided, when I returned my laptop again, that they'd give me another model and this one seems somewhat better-behaved, though I still need to figure out if it's the way I configured the system or if it's the system itself that's giving me issues.

I've finally got a new phone which I think I will like, and it's all set up with a pay-as-you-go service... only that it's got unlimited browsing and unlimited text messaging. Quit looking at me that way! I only activated it yesterday at midnight, so that's why I haven't told anyone yet what my new number is ^_~

I'm considering changing my career, I suppose you could say, as I don't find I can do programming as an active job. The problem's that I'm not that enthused about it, and I want to do it as more of a hobby than my job. The problem with all this is that I haven't really got anything else to get into; I could go into writing and editing, but with writing I'm generally uncreative and with editing ... well, I haven't tried that much so far. Perhaps it would go well. The only problem is that a sudden career change would likely be rather harsh, especially on the wallet, so I'm not sure I want to do that just yet. Perhaps taking a part-time job first would help, especially résumé-wise (i.e. job experience).

Socially, things have gotten a little better, a little worse. I need to start thinking about others like it's a natural things, as memory and such things aren't at all natural for me. I'd grown into the need to ignore yesterday and tomorrow as though today was the only day, the only day I'd have to live the torture of being alive.

But I've lived past 20.

Dec. 18th, 2007


Celty is gone

Dear Celty has been given away last Sunday.

I'm sure her new owners will take good care of her.

Dec. 16th, 2007


Suggestive advertising, anyone?

This was supposed to be posted a while ago; Not sure why I didn't, but I couldn't pass up on this anyway:


If you don't know French, here's a quick guide to the ad in question (and you don't need to know french):

Click on "Entrez ...", then the top of fridge, then the 60 second version.


Busy... or not busy?

I've got a tough few months ahead of myself.
I keep looking at various things and wishing I'd done something similar. I have to concentrate on one thing and stop spreading myself thin... which is really hard, considering I have immense trouble with concentrating on any single thing for long periods of time.
That, and I have to move out. I've located an apartment and have to start packing, assuming nobody else takes it (haven't signed yet: I want to see it before I sign, damnit!). It's a really good spot, too... I may just throw caution to the wind and grab it, since the other apartments I've seen so far were absolute crap (and what we saw of another apartment in the same building was pretty damned nice).
On the upside, I've gotten my laptop back and it appears to be working just fine.

CBC: Autistic mouse may offer clues about condition, treatments

CBC: Autistic mouse may offer clues about condition, treatments
Scientists have created an "autistic mouse" after replacing a normal gene in its body with a mutated one.

They hope the mouse will yield clues about autism, a neuropsychiatric disorder in which those affected experience social, communication and sometimes cognitive deficits. Many perform repetitive motions, and some variants of the disorder are accompanied by a heightened spatial ability and high intellect.

Nov. 10th, 2007


Stop the widescreen craze!

I don't understand this obsession with widescreens. I don't.

No, I don't like widescreen at all. It has it's uses, but for me, I'd rather it stick to TVs. Leave my monitors and especially my laptops alone! Arg!

The only laptop I could find that was still being sold that isn't a widescreen is Eurocom's D700T Enigma. A fine laptop, but I'm having an incredible amount of difficulty with them and getting a working laptop. (When I bought it, I had to bring it back the "next" day to get it fixed. Only about three weeks later did they finally stop trying to fix it and basically gave me a new system; Even so, the video card appears to have issues and I may have to bring it in again!)

I'm still looking for a portable media player that can be truly customized. First one to suggest an iPod will be shot. It may seem silly, I want to load the 10+ different file types that I use and not have any problems playing them (companies looking for small codecs may be interested in looking at the source code of foobar2000). Bonus points if it comes with (or there is, somewhere on the internet) software that can re-encode certain formats to lower bitrates (since you aren't going to get full sound quality from a P.A.P. anyway) automatically and still manage to handle changes on both sides transparently (e.g. if, on another computer, I change the tags or add/delete files, those changes will affect the library on my main system).

What? I can dream, can't I?

On a related aside, I've been looking at the GP2X (official) (which has found it's way into my wishlist) and VirtualCogs - specifically, the Portable Computing COG which I may yet use to build and sell a mix between P.A.P. I'm looking for and the GP2X. Hmm, I could sell that. I wonder if Virtual Cogs Embedded Systems Inc. has anything against that sort of thing.

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